variable data printing

At Print Wow we highly regard the value of personalized customer service.  Personalized customer service takes many forms when we are connecting with our customer base.  We have a lot of success with direct email campaigns; however, we are seeing an uptake in the value of direct print/mail.  With Variable Data Printing we can make our customers feel even more valued. 

What is Variable Data Printing (VDP)? VDP is customization of data using digital print technology. VDP is used in direct marketing, direct email campaigns, customer relationship management, advertising, brochures, postcard campaigns and much more.

Variable Image
Variable Image Sample

Direct Mailing:  VDP can be used to personalize any direct mailing a company wishes to send to reach a targeted audience.  People are inundated with so many emails these days.  It is difficult to ensure the recipient reads the entire email or simply deletes.  With so many individuals working from home, a moment to read the “mail” may be a welcomed interruption.  You will get your customer’s undivided attention by branding and personalizing your direct mail campaign. Printed marketing is making a comeback due to its physical presence, the ability to see and feel as opposed to just seeing.

Packaging:  Printed materials, using VDP for personalization create higher engagement with your customer. VDP also allows for added features such as those used for security or tracking. Variable codes can also be used for lottery and gaming campaigns. Supply chain tracking difficulties? A problem of the past with variable codes.

Added Value—the magic touch:  With a company’s brand, personalized print, added QR codes, special touches like foil, the recipient feels like a VIP.  The mailing does not get tossed and if the mailing is for a marketing event, conference, restaurant opening, or a new business launch, that person is more likely to show interest in showing up and being present!

People respond when they see their name or company name in print. Direct mail…maybe not such a bad idea!

For your next campaign or planned event give Print Wow a call.  Let us help you WOW your customer base!