Large Print & Oversize Printing

From banners to lawn signs, PrintWow can prepare you and your business for the next trade show, marketing campaign or promotional push with our large print services. Select the large or flex printing products you need and choose the sizes and options.

Oversize Printing in Canada

PrintWow’s digital large format printing is the easiest way to get custom canvas prints, banners, custom art prints, foamcore signs and more. With free regular shipping on all indoor and outdoor printing, PrintWow is the top choice for convenience, cost and quality. Start by choosing the type of large-format or flex printing, and then choose your preferred sizes and options. We have a range of equipment for oversize printing, so contact us if you are looking for a product not listed on our website.

Differences Between Oversize and Flex Printing

Although there are many names for large format digital printing – such as flex printing, oversize printing and more – all the terms refer to custom printing for larger products. Our advanced digital printers are compatible with a range of materials, including vinyl, foamcore, paper, coroplast and more. PrintWow uses the latest in technology so we can offer both indoor (such as engineering prints and table-top banners) and outdoor printing (such as A-frame signs and vinyl banners). If you need custom printing on something big, PrintWow’s large-scale printing services are your solution.

Free Regular Shipping on All Large Format Digital Printing

PrintWow’s large-scale printing services help you get a wide range of products, no matter if you need a single promotional banner or various types of oversize printing. Best of all, we include regular shipping in the cost of all large-format and flex printing. Send a message if you have any questions about PrintWow’s large print services.

Uses for Large-Format Digital Printing

As technology develops and gives us access to greater digital capabilities, the increased use of digital large format printing has also grown. Businesses use wide format digital printing for all sorts of occasions and reasons. Some common uses are: advertising or marketing on banners or point-of-purchase displays, wall and floor graphics for modern and effective décor, trade show signs, any number of promotional posters, and outdoor or yard signs.