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Leave behinds are the brochures, flyers, post cards and more that ‘leave behind’ a lasting impressions of your brand and company!

When producing a leave behind, it’s important that they check three boxes: colourful, informative and focused. Draw the attention of your customers will full colour stationary, provide valuable information that your customers care about, and stay focused – the mind is easily distracted and keeping the attention of your customer is important.

Here are a few examples of engaging Leave Behinds:

  • Printed Brochures: focus on one product, or an overview of them all. Include pictures, infographics and easily digestible content.
  • Scratch Off Cards: feature a product, discount or exclusive offer that they can scratch off and feel like they’re winning the lottery!
  • Business Cards: with a business card, you’re leaving behind your brand and company. Focus on something that will stand out like raised lettering, foil elements or unique designs.

Leave behind a lasting impressions – contact us today to design, print and deliver your next leave behind project!  

Stickers, labels or decals – whatever you want to call them – our print specialists can work with you to design the perfect decal that will stick with your customers.

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A decal can be a great marketing tool to showcase your logo on a hard hat, include a QR code to drive traffic back to your website or showcase information about your brand and company. Plus, decals are now being used to direct traffic or encourage social distancing!

Whether you’re looking for an order big or small, we’re here to help with virtually any shape, colour and size you’re looking for! Contact us now.