Besides Pandemic and non-contact reasons, what is the purpose of promoting QR Codes for your business? 

Throughout the pandemic, businesses have promoted their business, products and services to potential customers by streamlining processes all the while promoting non-contact. QR Codes are now so much more!

You have set out your 2022 business goals.  How can you drive your sales upward?  Can a QR Code help set the direction of your business for the future?  At Print Wow we think it can!  QR code marketing is a strategy that businesses follow to expand their business. You have already used QR codes in restaurants taking the place of menus, allowing quicker payment on your tab, allowing faster orders and virtual shopping.  Globally, many well-know brands are using QR Codes to quickly inform their customers of new product launches.

What does a QR Code allow you to do?

QR Codes allow you to collect data.  For example:

  • Who scanned your code?
  • What prompted the user to scan your code?
  • What drove online traffic to the QR Code?

Have your custom-made QR code affixed to a landing page on your website.  You can also use a QR code to send your customers to the customization page or generate unique QR codes for a customized product and provide instant ordering.

QR Codes allow you to collect feedback like never before.  As a business owner, you should always look for ways to collect customers’ feedback to enhance your products. QR code marketing allows you to collect this feedback. Place QR codes on your receipts, packaging and labels allowing your customers to scan the code and provide their instant feedback in the moment to be analyze in real time.

QR Codes facilitate Location finding:  You can use QR codes on your advertising to help customers locate your business or retail store. A QR Code can link to your location on Google maps.

Social Media Visibility:   Add QR codes to your printed materials linking to your social media accounts.  Print Wow’s in-house graphic designer can create customized QR codes for your business linking your social media embedded within the code.  Scanning will bring your customers to social media pages increasing brand awareness for your business.

Are you and your marketing team working hard strategizing about your next campaign?  Everyone loves a discount!  QR Codes can be used to increase purchases and retain customer and brand loyalty.  Use a customized QR Code to promote your campaign and its special offers, discounts and/or event details.

Launching a new App for your business? Concerned on how to promote downloading? Apps definitely make the ordering process easier for your customers, but will your business be searched on the App stores?  You can solve your question by launching a customized QR code for your business and have it available for your customers to scan all the while promoting the downloading of your newly created App!

Have you heard?  WhatsApp is the leading texting app for businesses in 2022.  Why not use a QR code to market your business using text messaging? Texting not your thing?   Email marketing is a useful and widely-used marketing technique. You can send out an email or text message to your customers with product launches, discounts, and special deals. All your customers need to do is scan the QR code embedded in the text/email.

You have made the decision to start your QR marketing but what should the content be?  What should be embedded in the code? Who should you market to?

Step 1:  Decide on the content you want to embed.  Who are you marketing to?  What are you promoting?  A product, your site, your social media?  Drive traffic to your online store?

Step 2:  Customize and Design – Don’t forget your branding initiatives.  Add your logo! Add color! Add graphics and animation!  All of this will work to engage your customer and promote your business.

Step 3:  How can you get your customers to scan your QR Code? 

Step 4:  Position:  In a restaurant the code is right on the table in front of you? Where can you position your QR Code to encourage scanning?

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