Holiday Cards


Print Wow is in the holiday mood!

The holidays are a time of gift-giving and generosity. This season, get in the holiday spirit. Send your customers a simple “Happy Holidays” greeting.

What! I know! Time to kick it old school. Don’t you miss the wonderment of opening a holiday card and just taking a moment to reflect and think about the sender?

Holiday cards can help to strengthen your customer relationships and show how much you appreciate them.

The holiday season is an excellent time to connect and promote your business. It is a happy time, and your customers are joyful and receptive. What a perfect time to advertise any promotional item you are selling or launching a holiday campaign.

Tips & Tricks for sending holidays card:

1. Kickin’ it old school and choosing not to go electronic:

Virtual Corporate Holidays cards are intriguing. Everyone loved the optics, the GIFS, the sparkles, and the music! But…what do you think of them now? How many E-Cards do you delete and not bother looking at it? Agreed, environmentally, electronic is the thoughtful way to spread Holiday joy. Cards can be delivered to the recipient in seconds with the help of distribution lists. However, electronic cards miss the opportunity to reach out to your customers with a handwritten note that a printed holiday card can provide. Your customer will open the card and hopefully display it until the new year. Your holiday card will gain more exposure than an E-Card ever could.

2. Exclusivity:

Add a joyful message to your printed card. You can collaborate with your printer and choose any graphic, color, card stock, foil, or anything! Variable printing may also be available to you to make your holiday card even more personal, but always, always add a personal handwritten note along with your signature. End goal? Connect with your colleagues and customers and continue to build on these relationships and connections.

3. Design and Quality matter:

You have spent substantial amounts of money promoting your business, whether it is through campaigns, social media communication, or advertisement. Holidays cards are an inexpensive way to continue promoting your business during what is typically a slow time of year. However, do not scrimp! Your customer will notice the quality, design, and message. Design matters! Your printer and graphic artist can help with your personal business design. You will be guided in choosing various design options.

4. What not to do:

Your corporate holiday card represents your company. Not everyone has the same sense of humor. Holidays cards incorporating jokes may offend some individuals. Equally important is to stay away from any religious connotations; you risk offending someone and it is not worth it! Focus on color, imagery, quality, and your inclusive message and personalization. Don’t forget to personalize!

5. Early bird gets the worm!

Fall is the time to put your holiday card campaign into action. You need time to collaborate with your printer and plan the design. Production will take time and personalization is key to this campaign, so time is of the essence. You also need to consider holiday crunch time and mailing delays. No one wants a holiday card delivered in January!

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