business cards

Dating all the way back to the early 18th century in Europe, business cards began as “Calling Cards” or “Visiting Cards” and were designed to announce who was visiting and often explained a brief description about why they were visiting.

These cards and the status that went with them, made their way to North America and today we still use a Calling Card or more appropriately now called a business card.

As printing presses and off-line processes have become more sophisticated and available, the simple calling card has become a masterpiece, showcasing the company that purchased them.

Convenience and portability of Business Cards solidify their importance for business and personal use. Your business cards should represent you, your company, and the brand you stand for. Whether they’re the first thing you hand out, or the last thing before you leave, your business card is an extension of you for people to remember long after you’ve met. Just like when we meet a person for the first time, you form your impression of them in the first few seconds. Business cards are the same way. You only have one chance to make a first impression.

A successful business card design and production requires a dedicated team of specialists that will work with you design the perfect extension of you! Whether you’re looking to keep things classic, add a personal flair or raised lettering we’ve got you covered.

At PrintWow, we know business cards and we love the creativity that comes with them!

Whether you’re looking to keep it classic and simple, or add a little flair with rounded edges, raised lettering, scratch off areas and QR Codes our Print Specialists will bring your creativity to life. Whatever you’re looking to do with your business cards such as drive traffic, track its whereabouts with numbered cards or stand out amongst the rest with a high-res image your business card will become the best extension of you and your brand.