Business Cards Have Evolved

Business Cards. Your introduction to the business world. It contains your company, your brand, your name, your title, your credentials, your contact information, AND YOUR IMAGE! That is a lot to ask of a small 3.5 x2.0 surface!!

The value a well-designed and finished business card delivers, whether you are brand building or expanding your network, is substantial. Stand out from others and invest in yourself; your business card leaves a lasting impression and in this world of “shares”, your card can be passed along and shared to many others. We can’t promise you “likes” but we can promise “shares”!

Business cards have evolved. Printing techniques have evolved. You can have as little or as much information you want. They can be many different colors, different finishes, and different sizes. What does all this mean? We will explain:

Foil stamped business card: a process that uses metal plates and dyes, heat, pressure, and foil film. Foil is available in rolls and in various colors and finishes. Metallic is favored, but many colors are available in matte and glossy finishes.

Embossed business card: image/design/brand and/or text are raised on the business card by the process of pushing from the other side of the card. The front of the business card shows the image/branding or text raised on the card.

Debossed business card: a process that uses metal plates to press or imprint your image/brand/design into the business card. Debossing results in a business card that has your design stamped down in the card.

Spot UV for business cards: a finishing process used when ink layers are laid down, lamination is added, drying is complete and the spot UV is printed on top of the card. Spot UV is used on specific areas on the business card such as a logo to really make the image stand out.

QR Codes for business cards: Do you want to provide more information about your company but want to keep your business card clean and classy? QR codes allow you to promote your website and brand without adding too much unnecessary text on a small surface such as a business card. An added QR code to your business card increases the number of contacts who will visit your site, website, video, or anything promoting your company. Let the QR code do your marketing for you.

Business Cards—they still work! Let the networking and marketing begin!