Payment / Credit Policy

All orders placed with Cheque Print Solutions Inc. are subject to our standard credit policies and will apply to all customers. Any exceptions to the policy must be approved by the credit manager and will be documented in writing.

Custom Print Items

All custom items will be invoiced in full prior to the order being processed. 100% of the invoice amount must be paid prior to any printing.

EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer

In some cases we can offer this payment option, provided that we have your current banking details on file. If we do not have your banking details, please provide them, when your order is placed and instruct our customer service people about your preferred method of payment. All orders paid by EFT are subject to a 3 day waiting period, to ensure the payment has cleared your bank.  Should the EFT payment come back as NSF or any other reason, a $25 admin fee will apply and your order will not be printed or shipped until both the original and the admin fee are paid in full.


On some occasions, PrintWow will allow a customer to be invoiced and not have to pre-pay for their order. When a customer is invoiced it is agreed that the payment must be received at PrintWow within 15 days of the date of the invoice. PrintWow, at their discretion, may grant other payment terms, as approved by the credit manager. Should an invoice not be paid within the agreed upon time period, PrintWow will have the right to direct debit (EFT) the customer's bank account for payment.


Outstanding invoices may be paid by cheque, provided the above-noted policies are met. Should a legitimate charge be rejected by the financial institution for any reason, including NSF or stop-payment, a $25 service charge will be applied to the customer account.

Repeat Orders

Unless otherwise stated, the customer agrees that the payment type used on the most recent order is the same payment type that PrintWow will use for future orders, unless otherwise instructed by the customer.


Shipping is paid for by PrintWow, with a few exceptions.  For full details, read our shipping policy >

For additional information, read our Return Policy >